3 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space

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If you want to enhance your happiness and wellbeing, your own landscape is the perfect place to start. But designing a beautiful outdoor space with elements that work cohesively requires a refined knowledge of landscaping techniques and materials. When searching for talented professionals to assist with landscaping, Long Beach Island NJ residents trust in Leary’s Landscaping’s 20 years of experience.

Our crew will evaluate your exterior design goals and create a plan to turn your dream outdoor space into a reality. Call us today at 609-978-1392 to learn more.

Read on to learn three landscaping ideas to transform your outdoor space:

  1. Use Natural Stone

Natural stone is attractive, functional, and easy to maintain. Unlike concrete and other alternatives, stone driveways and walkways will never crack due to temperature swings or major impacts. In addition, the long-term cost tends to be lower.

  1. Install a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences and wood fences each have their own advantages, but vinyl has become more popular over recent years due to its durability and wide range of style options. Unlike wood, vinyl can withstand major temperature shifts, and it can be customized with various colors and styles. Vinyl is also easy to maintain, as it does not have to be stained, cleaned, or treated like a wooden fence. Wood is also susceptible to fungus and termites, but you won’t have to worry about these pests with a vinyl fence.

  1. Use Landscape Lighting

Most people design their landscape to be attractive during the day, but with the right lighting techniques, your outdoor space can be just as inviting (if not more so) when the sun goes down. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use lights to mark perimeters and walkways. This not only enhances the atmosphere of your landscape but also helps you navigate through the area.
  • Place lights near interesting plants to add color and texture
  • Integrate lights into your hardscaping elements so they stand out more
  • Add lights to your water features to make them a focal point of your landscape

Full-Service Landscape Design from Leary’s Landscaping: Long Beach Island NJ

The highly trained professionals at Leary’s Landscaping offer all of the techniques listed above and can help you choose the perfect design elements for your outdoor space. When in need of clever ideas to enhance their landscaping, Long Beach Island NJ residents trust in our experienced and reliable crew. Call 609-978-1392 to learn more.

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