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Professional Landscapers in Long Beach Island

Our Services

From designing your perfect landscape to keeping it fresh all year long, Leary’s Landscaping is here to help. Our experts provide a variety of services that include design of creative outdoor spaces, pavers for driveways, patios and walkways. planting, stone work, fire pits, landscaping lighting, water features, removal, trimming, seasonal maintenance, lawn restoration, lawn drains, drain system repairs and much more.

Landscape Design

We will help you design and build the landscape you have always been dreaming of. With years of experience, our team does it all.

Landscape Maintenance

Wow friends and family with a beautiful landscape all year long with our property management and maintenance services.

Landscape Drainage


We install full drainage systems into your property to help your landscape grow.


Our team can repair any drainage system to keep your landscape safe from floods.


Lawn drains, channel drains, french drains, catch basins, drain pipes, dry wells – we do it all!


In addition to our landscaping services, we provide landscaping supplies in bulk. We have a variety of soils, sands, mulch and stones to choose from to fit any landscape need. Check out our selection of supplies and call us for more information.